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"Clamhunger Row"

Maze Investigation Series

In 1849, at the height of the Great Hunger in Ireland, three cousins, Ellen, Peg and Norrie have lost their families and homes. They are forced to enter the Workhouse from where they are chosen, under the notorious Earl Grey scheme, to be sent to Australia. The scheme, the brainchild of a callous British Government, aims to rid Ireland of over four thousand of its unwanted female orphans. The girls are forced to cross Ireland to Dublin and on to Liverpool. Two will reach Australia. What awaits them is unexpected and ultimately tragic.

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A Word From The Author

M. K. Jones is a family history researcher, genealogist and author of the “Maze Investigations” series and “The Curiosity Club of St Foy” series of novels.

Come in and take a look around. You’ll find information about me and everything ‘Maze’. You can read about the books in the Maze series, each with its gallery of photos and discover the backgrounds of the Maze Investigators. My regular posts cover entertaining aspects of each book and its characters, news of events and other interesting stuff.

I love getting feedback too, so let me know what you think of the site, what else you would like to see and please do sign up to my email letter, which will give you exclusive access to ‘The Maze Reports’, files written by the Investigators about the cases they cover between the main stories.

Have fun!

M.K. Jones
Author, Writer, Publisher

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Maze Investigations

What Readers Are Saying

Kindle Customer

Review on Book 8

Lovely to meet up with Maggie and the gang again. The Maze Investigations stories never let you down. There are always the twists and turns. Great.


Review on Book 8

Such a gripping book! It kept my attention throughout. I love the Maze books, looking forward to the next one.

Lisa Shower

Review on Book 8

Another tale in the casebook of Maze investigations, with plenty of twists and turns and unexpected developments. Highly recommended to wile away the odd hour or three.

W. A. Stringer

Review on Book 8

Series 2

The Curiosity Club of St. Foy

M K Jones is a family history researcher, genealogist and author of  “The Curiosity Club of St Foy” & “Maze Investigations” series of novels.

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