The Curiosity Club Of St. Foy

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“The Curiosity Club of St. Foy”

All Gone from the Series By.

M.K Jones Author

M K Jones is a family history researcher, genealogist and author of the “Maze Investigations” series and “The Curiosity Club of St Foy” series of novels.

Come in and take a look around. You’ll find information about me and everything ‘Maze’. You can read about the books in the Maze series, each with its gallery of photos and discover the backgrounds of the Maze Investigators.  My regular posts covers entertaining aspects of each book and its characters, news of events and other interesting stuff.

I love getting feedback too, so let me know what you think of the site, what else you would like to see and please do sign up to my email letter, which will give you exclusive access to ‘The Maze Reports’, files written by the Investigators about the cases they cover between the main stories.

Have fun!

The Curiosity Club Series

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