The Soldier 

About The Book

The Maze Investigators have reached the final message from the medium Claire Lewis – about a young Scot who travelled to Spain in 1938 and disappeared without trace, leaving behind only a strange, enigmatic message.  Maggie returns to Catalonia, to a story heard on her first trip three years before which now has a significance she didn’t understand or appreciate at the time and further revelations lead back to Glasgow and a long-hidden crime.  Back in Wales, the final confrontation with the Quinn and McCarthy Miller families is looming.  There has to be a winner.  Can anyone emerge unscathed?

What Readers Say

great read


“This short video tells the story of the discovery of the remains of William Mitchell Digges, the American soldier featured on the front cover of the book. He died in 1838 and was buried in the cemetery at Tarrega, but the grave remained unidentified until a few years ago, when, having discovered him and another unidentified soldier, a ceremony was held to honour and re-inter them. It also tells some of the story of the war in Catalonia and how it affected people there.”
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