Maggie Gilbert

Maggie Gilbert

Height:5ft 4 ins
Hair:Short, Brown
Star Sign:Gemini

*Sketch by Picasso Griffiths’

Maggie was born in South Wales. She has one older sister. She went to University to study English and got a 2:1 degree. After a few years teaching she left the profession to take up Sales & Marketing and then transitioned over a period of years into Project Management.

She moved around the country and ended up in Cambridgeshire, in the town of St Ives. There she met her husband David Gilbert, an Accountant. They had 2 children, Jack and Alice.

After David’s death in a car accident she discovered that he had been involved in a number of money laundering schemes for local criminals, and also had a serious gambling habit. His death left her bankrupt. She sold her home and moved with her children back to her roots in South Wales, where her sister was waiting to help her.

Although she had already found a small house on a former Council estate in Cwmbran, whilst driving around the town to re-acquaint herself she found another house for sale on the town’s outskirts towards the mountains. She fell for it immediately and bought it, much to her sister’s horror.

Having renovated and moved it, Maggie discovered that the house had been built by her great grandfather. She began to research her family history, met up with Zelah Trevear and together they formed Maze Investigations, joined by another researcher, Nick Howell.

Maggie is an adventurous person, drawn to mystery and unsolved problems. She is somewhat left-leaning and not over fond of authority, but ultimately law abiding.

She is a non-judgemental person, happy to take people as she finds them. She is not confrontational, preferring negotiation to argument. But in the face of attack she will stand her ground.

She is fiercely protective of her children, almost too much, as they are both needing independence.

Her work with Maze Investigations has fascinated her from Day 1 and she is continually attending courses to learn as much as she can to improve her research skills.

Maggie is the “front” person for Maze. Personable and a good communicator, she has secured a weekly genealogy research spot with a local radio station.

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