Clamhunger Row

About The Book

In 1849, at the height of the Great Hunger in Ireland, three cousins, Ellen, Peg and Norrie have lost their families and homes. They are forced to enter the Workhouse from where they are chosen, under the notorious Earl Grey scheme, to be sent to Australia. The scheme, the brainchild of a callous British Government, aims to rid Ireland of over four thousand of its unwanted female orphans. The girls are forced to cross Ireland to Dublin and on to Liverpool. Two will reach Australia. What awaits them is unexpected and ultimately tragic.
For the third girl, destiny has something else in store. Her desire for revenge against the landlord’s agent, responsible for the loss of her home and the deaths of her family, is too great.
After committing a bloodthirsty murder, for which she is hunted by British soldiers, she decides to make a run for America. Can she throw off her former life to find salvation in the hostile, dangerous Manhattan of the 1850s?
The Maze Investigators, tracing what seems to be a straightforward family history, find themselves embroiled in a family dynasty – treacherous people who have a great deal to win, but too much to lose.

What Readers Say

Lovely to meet up with Maggie and the gang again. The Maze Investigations stories never let you down . There are always the twists and turns. Great.
This author is a master story teller who does massive amounts of research. Have read all of the authors books except the new series that I will get to soon. Highly recommend these books!
Such a gripping book! It kept my attention throughout. I love the Maze books, looking forward to the next one.


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