Bob Pugh

Bob Pugh 

Aged: Early fifties
Height: 6ft 0 in
Hair: Stubbly
Eyes: Brown
Star Sign: Gemini

*Sketch by Picasso Griffiths’

Bob is a Detective Inspector in South Wales Police. He is the head of a small team and is usually accompanied by his sergeant. He is dedicated to the law and loves his job.

He is a widower who lost his wife to breast cancer ten years previously. They had no children.

Following her death he became the epitome of a ‘grumpy old man’. He became taciturn and solitary, until he met Maggie Gilbert.

He has a controlling nature and has not been keen on sharing personal information with anyone, something Maggie has struggled to get used to. Eventually she has found her way with him, but it taken time.

Needing to be fit for his job, Bob enjoys walking and takes the occasional solitary holiday to walk over challenging terrain, something Maggie is happy for him to do, alone.

He has fitted well into Maggie’s family, becoming a relied-upon source of advice for her son Jack and, after much time and effort, a friend to Alice.

He often becomes frustrated with Zelah, due to her headstrong personality, which he believes will, one day, get her colleagues into serious trouble.

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