The Policeman

The Policeman

About The Book

The Maze Genealogy Investigators are on the trail of a cold case, following another message from the medium Claire Lewis. A disturbing discovery at a ruined country house and the unearthing of family papers provide the missing clues to the fate of police detective William McRoberts who disappeared without trace in the 1870s. Maggie and Nick travel to Liverpool and North Wales to see if they can crack open the case and finally be able to tell the McRoberts family what happened to their ancestor. Meanwhile, Zelah is hot on the trail of the Quinn family. She has a plan to bring down Kennet Quinn’s business empire. As both cases progress, Maggie, Nick and Zelah come to realise that everything is connected, and past and present will collide, in chain of events that could damage more than one of them.

What Readers Say

“Really enjoyable didn’t want to put it down”
“This is a fascinating series which gets better as it goes along. I can’t wait for the next one!”


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