The Genealogy Case Files

About The Book

Inside this book are fifteen short stories, presented as ‘Case Studies’ by the Maze Investigations team. If you don’t know Maze Investigations, they appear in a series of novels. In this book, each ‘study’ examines a case presented to the team by a client, with a description of how they solved it – or occasionally not!
There are stories about a Christmas bride, a boy with a broken heart, an unknown artist, a nurse child, and many more. Each quite individual. Some are based on characters found whilst researching actual family history, others are just – invented! But a huge amount of substantive and legitimate genealogical research has gone into every story. Some are happy, others quite sad and emotional.
These stories began as additions to a monthly newsletter. Of course, they are all works of fiction, as are the novels and indeed the investigators themselves. The Maze novels began eight years ago and now there are seven books.

What Readers Say

The stories are short but very interesting. Some happy, some sad but none are predictable. Nice to read their backstory approaches. I’ve loved all of this authors books and this one is on exception.
A great companion to the Maze Investigation series. I enjoyed browse short vignettes almost as much as the main books.


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