Zelah Trevear

Zelah Trevear

Aged:Over 60
Height:5ft 1 in

Black, always done up in a bun on the top of her head

Eyes:Dark, Almost Black
Star Sign:Scorpio

*Sketch by Picasso Griffiths’

Zelah was born in the West Country and moved with her mother to Cornwall. There her mother left her when she was about three years old, expecting to come back to collect her after reconciling with her own family. But her mother died and Zelah was left in the family of the local Vicar.

Her childhood was unhappy. Zelah eventually left when she was sixteen and went to Cardiff. After some traumatic times homeless and on the streets she was helped by a local policewoman to find somewhere to live and get into college, where she studied accountancy.

Zelah was a clever woman and quickly became a qualified accountant with her own practice. One day a client came to her in urgent need of help. He was a painter, an Irishman called Martin Fitzgerald. Tall, shy, redheaded and stuttering, Martin was a gifted artist and was starting to sell his paintings. In each other Zelah and Martin found a soulmate. They married and were happy and contented until Martin’s early death. Over the years of their marriage Martin gained an international reputation, and left Zelah a wealthy woman, when he died of cancer.

As neither was outgoing and being satisfied with each other’s company, Zelah took up genealogy research as a hobby following Martin’s death. She has become an experienced and qualified Genealogical researcher.

But her aggressive personality and dislike of people puts potential clients off and she isn’t popular in wider genealogy circles.

When Zelah met Maggie she found someone she could work with. They set up Maze Investigations and were joined by Nick Howell, an amateur historian.

Zelah has exceptional IT skills. She runs the Maze website and uses technology to enhance their services. She is also a gifted writer and has set up a side-line in writing up the stories of genealogy research discoveries and printing them for clients as personal books. She leaves the majority of the “people” and communication to Maggie, as clients can quite often annoy her.

Although she has a narrow circle of friends, she is fiercely loyal to them.

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